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Sean Price Williams is a New York-based cinematographer who has earned a reputation as one of the most consistently interesting craftsmen in the industry. Working across formats, Williams never fails to create distinct, dynamic images. Williams has been elevating micro-budget cinema for over a decade, helping cash-strapped filmmakers create an exciting visual language.

His stellar reputation in NY’s underground has led to more high-profile collaborations with the Safdie brothers and Abel Ferrara. The grainy, frenetic camerawork of Good Time is some of Williams’ most memorable work and no one working today is more adept at capturing New York’s streets. For Ferrara’s Zeros and Ones, the digital textures Williams creates are the perfect fit for the paranoid tech-thriller. In 2022, he shot Owen Kline’s feature debut Funny Pages alongside Hunter Zimny, making excellent use of 16mm to craft a tactile, suitably lo-fi aesthetic.

Williams is also one of the most knowledgeable and film-literate names in the industry, with his legendary “Top 1000 Films” list representing something of a canon for a particular subsect of cinephiles. Williams has now completed his directorial debut, the fantasy drama The Sweet East, an undeniably exciting prospect, we’re more than satisfied with Williams’ continually boundary-pushing work as a cinematographer, but his first film as director is going to be too good to miss.

Always, surprising, and always innovative, Williams’ involvement in a project immediately makes it worth seeing.


Sean Price Williams

Funny Pages
1h 27m Coming-of-Age, Comedy, Comic Books, Gross Out 2022
Wobble Palace
1h 26m Comedy, Drama, Cult, Romance 2018
We Are
1h 12m Comedy, THE LOST MASTERPIECE 2020
Zeros and Ones
1h 25m Thriller, War, Abel Ferrara 2021
Young Bodies Heal Quickly
1h 42m Andrew T. Betzer, Drama, Sean Price Williams 2014
The Color Wheel
1h 23m Alex Ross Perry, Comedy, Sibling Rivalry 2012
Listen Up Philip
1h 49m Comedy, Drama, Satire, Literature 2014
Happy Life
1h 13m Comedy, Indie, Rave, Techno 2011
Project Space 13
1h 7m Comedy, Art World, NYC, Michael M. Bilandic, Sean Price Williams 2021
1h 13m Indie, Satire, Art 2014
Jobe'z World
1h 8m Oddball, Cult, Esoteric, Weirdos 2019
Fake It So Real
1h 31m Documentary, American, Wrestlers 2011
The Great Pretender
1h 12m Nathan Silver, Indie, Theatre 2018