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Peter Bogdanovich

Directed By John Ford
1h 39m Biography, Documentary, Filmmaking, Peter Bogdanovich 1972
One Day Since Yesterday
2h 0m Documentary, Cinema, Film-making 2014
Paper Moon
1h 42m Comedy, Crime, Drama, Peter Bogdanovich 1973
2h 1m Comedy, Peter Bogdanovich, Films About Making Films 1976
Saint Jack
1h 52m Drama 1979

Peter Bogdanovich Introduces

Touch of Evil: Restored
1h 35m Crime, Drama, Film Noir, Reefer 1958
The Trial
1h 59m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Franz Kafka 1962
Strangers on a Train
1h 41m Crime, Thriller, Film-Noir 1951
North by Northwest
2h 16m Thriller 1959
Rebel Without a Cause
1h 51m Drama, Teen, Classic, Queer 1955
A New Leaf
1h 42m Comedy, Romance, Hidden Gem, Elaine May 1971