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Love + Death

Leaving Las Vegas
1h 51m Drama, Alcoholic, Romance, Nicolas Cage 1995
The Love Witch
2h 0m Comedy, Occult, Retro Fantasy, Horror 2016
Harold and Maude
1h 31m Comedy, Drama, Romance, Cult, Cat Stevens 1971
1h 59m Drama, Romance, Real Sex, Mark Rylance, Erotic 2001
1h 43m Comedy, Drama, Romance, British, The Bee Gee's 1971
Do the Right Thing
2h 0m Comedy, Drama, Race, Black Cinema 1989
1h 35m Thriller, Mystery, Nudists, A Hammer 2019
1h 46m Biography, Thriller, Psychodrama, True Life Murder Story 2018
The Color Wheel
1h 23m Alex Ross Perry, Comedy, Sibling Rivalry 2012
Hard Eight
1h 42m Crime, Drama 1996
I Am A Sex Addict
1h 39m Dark Humor, Confessional, Sex Addict, Caveh Zahedi, Greg Watkins 2005