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Paul Tschinkel (born June 29, 1938) is a producer, director, painter, and professor. He was an early video artist, who founded Paul Tschinkel’s Inner-Tube, a decades-long company devoted to documenting music and art, as well as ART/new york, a video series on contemporary art that includes primary source exhibition footage and interviews with many major American contemporary artists from the late 1970s to the present.


From the Archive of Paul Tschinkel

From the Archive of Paul Tschinkel
New York/New Wave at PS1
27m Art, Documentary, New York, New Wave, Keith Haring 1981
Jeff Koons: The Banality Show
28m Art, Documentary, New York, Jeff Koons 1989
Barbara Kruger: Pictures & Words
36m Art, Video, Documentary, New York 1996
Cindy Sherman - Transformations
30m Art, Documentary, Photography, New York 2000
Kenny Scharf’s World – Revised Edition
33m Art, Documentary, New York 1994
Alan Vega/Suicide – Artist/Musician/Performer
40m Art, Music, Documentary, New York 2018
Nam June Paik: Prisoner of the Cathode Ray
50m Art, Video Art, New York 2000
Robert Mapplethorpe
1h 18m Art, Photography, New York 2006
Nan Goldin - In My Life
30m Art, Documentary, Photography, Nan Goldin 1996