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We are celebrating a cinematic inspiration and the flag bearer of true independent filmmaking. An organisation which upholds a provocative, progressive-minded, anti-establishment ethos. Factory 25. This Brooklyn-based independent film distribution company was founded in 2009 by Matt Grady. F25 is a home for conceptually provocative narratives and documentaries. Its mission is to deliver specialized film and music titles in an aesthetically captivating way while exposing the indie world to under-the-radar films, music, and other curiosities in various ways and formats from movie theatres to new emerging film site, like Deeper Movies Channel.

“FACTORY 25 has helped to change the way we see independent films, and their place in film culture.” — AUSTIN FILM SOCIETY


Factory 25 Fiction

Ham on Rye
1h 25m Coming-of-Age, Comedy, 90's 2020
Young Bodies Heal Quickly
1h 42m Andrew T. Betzer, Drama, Sean Price Williams 2014
Uncle Kent 2
1h 13m Sequel, Comedy, Drama, Indie 2016
The Great Pretender
1h 12m Nathan Silver, Indie, Theatre 2018
1h 47m Indie, Alexandre Rockwell, Rare, Sundance 1983
Stinking Heaven
1h 10m Horror, Nathan Silver, Adam Ginsberg, psychodrama, indie 2015
Jobe'z World
1h 8m Oddball, Cult, Esoteric, Weirdos 2019
New Jerusalem
1h 34m Jagjaguwar, Religious, Will Oldham 2011
Bloomin' Mud Shuffle
1h 15m Romance, Indie, Comedy, Mumblecore 2017
Silver Bullets
1h 10m Horror, Drama, Mumblecore 2011
Build the Wall
57m Drama, Indie, Joe Swanberg 2020
The Color Wheel
1h 23m Alex Ross Perry, Comedy, Sibling Rivalry 2012
Exit Elena
1h 12m Nathan Silver, Drama 2013
All the Light in the Sky
1h 19m Drama, Indie, American Cinema 2013
1h 12m Drama, Indie, American, SophiaTakal 2011
1h 32m Dark Humor, Drama, Indie 1982
A Little Stiff
1h 26m minimalist comedy, Caveh Zahedi, Greg Watkins 1991
Bad Fever
1h 17m Indie, Drama, American Dream 2012
The Zone
1h 10m Drama, Indie, Mumblecore, Sex 2011
Little Feet
1h 4m Family, Drama, Alexandre Rockwell 2014
Marvin, Seth and Stanley
1h 15m Drama, Stephen Gurewitz, Adam Ginsberg, Comedy 2013
1h 14m Drama, Cats, Social Realism 2012
1h 13m Indie, Satire, Art 2014
Art History
1h 14m Drama, Esoteric, Films About Making Films 2011
In The Soup
1h 42m Comedy, Drama, Indie, Steve Buscemi 1992
Funny Ha Ha
1h 29m Andrew Bujalski, critically acclaimed, Feature, America 2005
In The Bathtub of the World
1h 13m Documentary, Confessional, Funny, Caveh Zahedi 2001
Marriage Material
55m Drama, Relationships, Babysitting 2012
Caitlin Plays Herself
1h 9m Romance, Indie, Art, Life, Film 2011
I Am A Sex Addict
1h 39m Dark Humor, Confessional, Sex Addict, Caveh Zahedi, Greg Watkins 2005

Factory 25 Documentaries

The Lost Arcade
1h 19m Dcoumentary, New York, Chinatown Fair 2015
Jobriath AD
1h 42m Queer, Music, Documentary 2013
Tripping With Caveh
30m Mushrooms, Documentary, Will Oldham, Tripping, Psychedelics 2004
Down In Shadowland
1h 10m Documentary, Tom DiCillo, Brian Eno, Trentemoeller, Bonobo 2017
Fake It So Real
1h 31m Documentary, American, Wrestlers 2011
1h 8m Hallucinogenic, Documentary, Avant-Garde 2011
The Sheik and I
1h 44m Caveh Zahedi, Documentary, Banned in the United Arab Emirates 2012
In The Bathtub of the World
1h 13m Documentary, Confessional, Funny, Caveh Zahedi 2001
I Am A Sex Addict
1h 39m Dark Humor, Confessional, Sex Addict, Caveh Zahedi, Greg Watkins 2005
I Don't Hate Vegas Anymore
1h 10m Documentary, Dark Humor, Comedy, Ecstasy 1994
Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields
1h 29m Indie, Music, Neil Gaiman, Peter Gabriel, Stephin Merritt 2010
Until The Light Takes Us
1h 33m Documentary, Black Metal, Music, Norwegian, Mayhem 2009
Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film
1h 5m Documentary, Music, Bill Callahan, Drag City, ASMR 2014

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