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Pennsylvania native - and kind supporter of Deeper Movies - Alex Ross Perry is a writer, and filmmaker, steeped in literary understanding. He loves books, not just the words held within, but with the objects themselves; Typeset, binding, ISBN numbers, hardback covers, the size, the smell, the whole kit and caboodle. Approaching Perry’s films - 6 full features to date - you would be well equipped in handling them with this knowledge in mind. These films are funny dramas, wry and witty, with real human complexities. His characters are people you want to watch and quite possibly be friends with, but are they good people? This is an open question for the viewer to decide. One thing is for sure, they are real character’s in a cinematic world which doesn’t often tell us the truth. Perry is also a committed cinephile. Moving to New York City to attend University, Perry got a job at the famous Kim’s Video Store. “I was able to offset the eight hours a day that I’d be working at Kim’s with a movie a day before or after work, sometimes a double feature,” Perry remembers. “That was basically the introduction to the lifestyle that I still lead.” His democratic love of film also inspired him to start making movies his way. “In a video store, as you’re no doubt aware, you’re allowed to like anything you want, I’d actually learned more about how to make a movie with no resources from watching that than from spending an entire day in classrooms.”


Alex Ross Perry Double Bill

Alex Ross Perry Double Bill
Listen Up Philip
1h 49m Comedy, Drama, Satire, Literature 2014
The Color Wheel
1h 23m Alex Ross Perry, Comedy, Sibling Rivalry 2012