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Juan A. Ramírez

@itsNumberJuan audience member tried to applaud A24 logo at last night’s screening and someone yelled at them to stop

6:56 PM · Sep 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone



Red Rocket
2h 8m Comedy, Drama, Doughnut Shops, Ex-Porn Star 2021
Under the Skin
1h 46m Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi 2014
The Florida Project
1h 51m Drama, Family 2017
1h 51m Drama, Oscar Winner, Barry Jenkins 2017
First Reformed
1h 53m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Man In A Room, Jesus Etc 2018
High Life
33h 38m Science Fiction, Thriller, Twilight, Space 2018
1h 25m Coming of Age, Comedy, Kick Flips, Ollies, Bastard Older Brothers 2019
The Lighthouse
1h 50m Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Cult 2019
Saint Maud
1h 23m Drama, Horror, Mystery, Cult 2021