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The Passion of the Christ

When The Passion of the Christ was released in February 2004, the reaction was overwhelming. The film that writer-director Mel Gibson described as a potential “career-killer” was, in fact, a phenomenal hit, becoming the then-highest grossing R-rated release of all time and accumulating over $600m (£463m) in total worldwide box office receipts. But with the success came controversy. The Passion, an earnest retelling of the final days in the life of Jesus, was attacked in some quarters for its alleged antisemitism and lurid violence – the venerable critic Roger Ebert deemed it “the most violent film I have ever seen” – and disputed its historical accuracy. Gibson’s antisemitic soundbites and battery charge since the film’s release seem to validate that criticism – and viewed today, it’s a problematic exercise in unpleasantness, rooted in one man’s particular faith. - Louis Chilton, The Independent

2h 7m
Palestinian, Malta
Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, English
Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

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