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The Magic Christian

Uncut widescreen version of the cult classic Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr film, Magic Christian. Featuring cameos by Monty Python’s Flying Circus members John Cleese & Graham Chapman, Christopher Lee as a stowaway vampire, Yul Brynner in drag serenading Roman Polanski for the evenings entertainment, Raquel Welch whipping a crew of slave maidens steering a luxury vessel (or did she?)….etc. Music by Paul McCartney, Thunderclap Newman, Badfinger and Ken Thorne. Adapted to the screen with original writer Terry Southern, by Joseph McGrath (Casino Royale, Bliss of Mrs. Bottom er Blossom). Along with this film we also present WILL THE REAL MR SELLERS…? A BBC documentary portrait of Peter Sellers, filmed over a period of nine months in 1969 where director Tony Palmer interviews Sellers and friends and associates about the actor’s career and life. At age 44, with 38 films already behind him, including Dr. Strangelove and two “Pink Panther” films, Sellers was then at the crest of his career. But his personal life, which included two bad marriages (and two more to come), a near-fatal 1964 heart attack, and increasingly disturbing personality disorders, was in tatters.

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Will the Real Mr Sellers.....?

1h 32m
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