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The Exhibited

A rare film by Jesper Jargil which documents Lars von Trier’s live installation Psychomobile1: the World Clock. A video camera in New Mexico transmits images of crawling ants via satellite link to the Arts Society Building in Copenhagen where the behaviour of the ants trigger the behaviour of 53 actors. The actors are immersed in a non-stop improvised theatre performance, which goes on all day every day for 2 months in 19 rooms. As members of the public watch the live soap-opera unfold into madness, sex and murder, the New Mexican ant keep directing the show. The results are fascinating. This captivating document is one of three of Jargil’s recordings of von Trier at work. In 1998 he made the highly-recommended The Humiliated, documenting von Trier making his feature film The Idiots.

This film has been transferred from the original video tape release, the image quality is effected by the age of the format.

1h 21m
Danish, English
Jesper Jargil

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