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24 Hour Party People

Perhaps the greatest British film of the 21st Century, about the greatest British music label of the 20th Century - As told by Anthony H Wilson, or ‘Tony’ to some of his friends (and all of his enemies). Directed by Michael Winterbottom at the height of his powers, written by the eminent Frank Cottrell Boyce (Hilary And Jackie, A Cock And Bull Story) and photographed by the great Robby Müller. 24 Hour Party People spans 16 incredible years in the life of the Manchester music scene, from the birth of punk to the death of acid house. With news anchor/TV host/club owner/rock impresario Wilson at its heart, the story spirals in any number of directions, taking in characters as colourful as doomed music producer Martin Hannett (Andy Serkis), fragile Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis (Sean Harris) and Happy Mondays’ walking disaster-zone Shaun Ryder (Danny Cunningham). Bolstered by appearances from Mark E Smith, Inspiral Carpet’s Clint Boon and Buzzcock Howard Devoto to add a strange air of (sur)realism.

1h 57m
United Kingdom
Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

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