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Underrated '90s Indie Gems
Lawn Dogs
1h 41m Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Cult 1997
1h 52m Comedy, Drama, Paul Auster, New York 1995
River of Grass
1h 16m Comedy, Drama, Road Movie, Dark, Dark Humor 1994
1h 48m Drama, Indie, British Cinema 1999
1h 42m Thriller, Drama, Crime, Fairytale 1997
Light Sleeper
1h 43m Crime, Drama, Paul Schrader, Man In A Room 1992
Citizen Ruth
1h 46m Comedy, Drama, Alexander Payne 1996
A Little Stiff
1h 26m minimalist comedy, Caveh Zahedi, Greg Watkins 1991
Office Killer
1h 22m Comedy, Crime, Horror, Cindy Sherman 1997
In The Soup
1h 42m Comedy, Drama, Indie, Steve Buscemi 1992
Four Rooms
1h 38m Comedy, Portmanteau, Allison Anders, Quentin Tarantino, Alexandre Rockwell 1995