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Teenage Flick's
The Virgin Suicides
1h 37m Drama, Romance, Adaptation, Dreamcore, Teen 1999
Ham on Rye
1h 25m Coming-of-Age, Comedy, 90's 2020
Billy The Kid
1h 25m Documentary, Odyssey, Coming-of-Age 2007
1h 42m Thriller, Drama, Crime, Fairytale 1997
Der Fan
1h 34m Cult, Horror, Psychosexual, Drama, Superfan 1982
1h 25m Coming of Age, Comedy, Kick Flips, Ollies, Bastard Older Brothers 2019
1h 37m Comedy, Classic, Teen, High School, Whatever 1995
1h 41m Illegal Raves, Drugs, Scotland, Comedy, Drama 2019
1h 43m Comedy, Drama, Romance, British, The Bee Gee's 1971
Mean Girls
1h 37m Comedy, Drama, Fetch, Classic, High School 2004
1h 25m Comedy, Musical, The Pope of Trash 1990
Ghost World
1h 51m Daniel Clowes, Blueshammer, Comic Book Adaptation, Drama, Comedy 2001