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Mulholland Dr.
2h 27m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, David Lynch 2002
Mr. Klein
2h 3m Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, War 1976
1h 29m Drama, 16mm, Handmade, British Indie, Cornish Filmmaking 2019
Bronco's House
44m Cornish, Drama, 16mm, Handmade, Avant-Garde 2015
Wobble Palace
1h 26m Comedy, Drama, Cult, Romance 2018
A Night at the Opera
1h 36m Comedy 1935
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
1h 53m Biography, Crime, Comedy, Charlie Kaufman 2002
Cutthroat Island
2h 4m Action, Adventure, Comedy, Pirate Movie 1995
Enter the Dragon
1h 42m Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller 1973
1h 19m Documentary, Britain, Art 2018