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Phase IV - Directors Cut
1h 33m Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Saul Bass 1974
Lost in La Mancha
1h 33m Documentary, Filmmaking, Insanity, Lost Film 2002
Making "Do The Right Thing"
1h 1m Documentary, Making of, Filmmaking, Spike Lee 1988
Saint Maud
1h 23m Drama, Horror, Mystery, Cult 2021
1h 29m Drama, 16mm, Handmade, British Indie, Cornish Filmmaking 2019
24 Hour Party People
1h 57m Comedy, Documentary, Manchester, Drama, Biography 2002
1h 46m Thriller, Sci-Fi, Rare, Cult 1966
The Trial
1h 59m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Franz Kafka 1962
Citizen Ruth
1h 46m Comedy, Drama, Alexander Payne 1996
Inland Empire
3h 0m Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Rabbits, David Lynch 2007
dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
1h 8m Avant-Garde, Political, Documentary, History, Art 1997
I Blame Society
1h 25m Dark Humor, Horror, Documentary, Mockumentary, Gor 2021
Jesper Jargil Dogma95 Trilogy
2h 7m Drama, European, Really Good 2018
Ray & Liz
1h 48m Alcoholism, YBA, Jigsaws, Photography, Family 2018
1h 52m Drama, Thriller, War Time, Lars von Trier 1991
Martin Parr's Moving Pictures
49m Documentary, Art, Egnlishness, Photography 1999
They Live
1h 34m Sci-Fi, Obey, Rowdy Roddy Piper 1988
1h 59m Drama, Romance, Real Sex, Mark Rylance, Erotic 2001
Saturday Night Fever
1h 58m Drama, Musical, Disco, The Bee Gee's 1977
2h 40m Comedy, Drama, Country Music, Politics 1975
Pure Cinema - Hitchcock Featurette's
55m Documentary, Hitchcock, Filmamaking, Movie Craft 2010
You Don't Nomi
1h 31m Documentary, Versace, Show Girls, Film Essay 2020
How to Blow Up a Pipeline
1h 44m Drama, Thriller, Heist Movie, Eco-Activism 2023
Dark Star
1h 22m Stoner Comdey, Science Fiction, Existentialism 1974
Pee-wee Herman - Live at the Roxy
1h 0m Live Comedy, Pop Art, Cult 1982
Hannah Ha Ha
1h 15m Comedy, indie, Humor, Slice of Life 2022
The Neon Demon
1h 58m Horror, Psychological, Thriller, Body Horror 2016
1h 54m Body Horror, Noir, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror 2021
Adventures in Success
1h 33m Sex, Comedy, Adventure, Indie 2022