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Days of the Bagnold Summer
1h 26m Comedy, British, Family, Belle and Sebastian 2020
1h 25m Horror, Drama, Psychological, BBC Radiophonic Workshop 2018
Cool World
1h 42m Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Ralph Bakshi, Insane 1992
1h 58m Esoteric, Poetic, Drama, Existentialism 2017
A New Leaf
1h 42m Comedy, Romance, Hidden Gem, Elaine May 1971
1h 28m Horror, Dark Humor, Psychological, Comedy 2016
Meek's Cutoff
1h 43m Western, Drama, History 2010
1h 32m Dark Humor, Post Apocalyptic, British, Science Fiction, Comedy 2020
1h 41m Illegal Raves, Drugs, Scotland, Comedy, Drama 2019
Margot at the Wedding
1h 31m Comedy, Drama 2007