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The Princess Bride
1h 50m Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance 1987
Where the Wild Things Are
1h 41m Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy 2009
Hannah Ha Ha
1h 15m Comedy, indie, Humor, Slice of Life 2022
1h 58m Esoteric, Poetic, Drama, Existentialism 2017
1h 43m Comedy, Drama, Romance, British, The Bee Gee's 1971
1h 41m Illegal Raves, Drugs, Scotland, Comedy, Drama 2019
Billy The Kid
1h 25m Documentary, Odyssey, Coming-of-Age 2007
Cane River
1h 30m Romance, African American History and Culture, 4K, Romeo and Juliet, Lost Film 1982
Harold and Maude
1h 31m Comedy, Drama, Romance, Cult, Cat Stevens 1971
1h 37m Comedy, Classic, Teen, High School, Whatever 1995
Wayne's World
1h 35m Comedy, Mil-Ay-Wa-Kay, Party Time, Excellent 1992
Drop Dead Fred
1h 43m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1991
Comfort and Joy
1h 46m Comedy, Ice Cream Wars, Glasgow, Christmas, Mark Knopfler 1984
Paper Moon
1h 42m Comedy, Crime, Drama, Peter Bogdanovich 1973
Days of the Bagnold Summer
1h 26m Comedy, British, Family, Belle and Sebastian 2020
Old Joy
1h 13m Indie, Meditation, Buddies, Will Oldham 2006
I Am Big Bird
1h 30m Documentary, Cult, Childhood, Jim Henson 2014