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1h 11m Documentary, Filmmaking, Kurosawa, Chris Marker 1985
2h 17m Biography, Drama, War, Poetry 2022
Good Burger
1h 43m Comedy, Family, Foodie, I put the screw in the tuna, Burgers 1997
Old Joy
1h 13m Indie, Meditation, Buddies, Will Oldham 2006
Ham on Rye
1h 25m Coming-of-Age, Comedy, 90's 2020
Silver Bullets
1h 10m Horror, Drama, Mumblecore 2011
Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle
1h 28m Documentary, Britain, Housing 2017
Leaving Las Vegas
1h 51m Drama, Alcoholic, Romance, Nicolas Cage 1995
1h 54m Body Horror, Noir, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror 2021
First Reformed
1h 53m Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Man In A Room, Jesus Etc 2018