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1h 54m Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy 2023
A Night at the Opera
1h 36m Comedy 1935
The Wanderers
1h 27m Drama, Crime, Romance, Race, Comedy 1979
The Bad News Bears
1h 42m Comedy, Family, Filthy Language 1976
Top Secret!
1h 30m Comedy, On of The Funniest Films Ever, Dumb and Fun, War, Rock'n'Roll 1984
National Lampoon's Vacation
1h 38m Adventure, Comedy 1983
Wobble Palace
1h 26m Comedy, Drama, Cult, Romance 2018
16m Short Film, Dark Humor, Betsey Brown 2021
Sword of Trust
1h 28m Comedy, Marc Maron, WTF, Lynn Shelton 2019
Adventures in Success
1h 33m Sex, Comedy, Adventure, Indie 2022
The Scary of Sixty-First
1h 21m Horror, Thriller, Dark Humor, Transgressive, Jeffrey Epstein 2021
Toni Erdmann
2h 44m German Comedy, Tragi-comedy, Folk Comedy, Modern Masterpeice 2016
Happy Life
1h 13m Comedy, Indie, Rave, Techno 2011
Funny Ha Ha
1h 29m Andrew Bujalski, critically acclaimed, Feature, America 2005
Ham on Rye
1h 25m Coming-of-Age, Comedy, 90's 2020
Midnight Run
2h 6m Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller 1988
Big Night
1h 47m Drama, Food, Stanley Tucci 1996