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Putney Swope
1h 24m Satire, Comedy, Race, Advertising, Rober Downey Sr. 1969
Raving Iran
1h 24m Documentary, Iran, Music, Political 2016
Roland Klick – The Heart is a Hungry Hunter
1h 20m Documentary, Filmmaking, Roland Klick, New German Cinema 2013
Dark Star
1h 22m Stoner Comdey, Science Fiction, Existentialism 1974
The Lost Arcade
1h 19m Dcoumentary, New York, Chinatown Fair 2015
Bad Fever
1h 17m Indie, Drama, American Dream 2012
1h 58m Esoteric, Poetic, Drama, Existentialism 2017
The Bad News Bears
1h 42m Comedy, Family, Filthy Language 1976
The Falling
2h 0m Drama, Supernatural, Mystery, Maisie Williams, Florence Pugh 2014
Harold And Kumar Get The Munchies
1h 28m Stoner, Esoteric, Buddy, Comedy, Weed 2004