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The Short Films of Ari Aster
6 items
The Passion of Martin
49m Comedy, Short, Alexander Payne 1991
16m Short, Will Oldham, Bedtime Story, David Lowery 2011
Carr's Voice
4m Documentary, Short 2020
Kustom Kar Kommandos
4m Avant-Garde, Car Culture, Ritual, Homoeroticism 1965
Puce Moments
6m Avant-Garde, Hollywood, Glamour 1949
19m Deeper Short Films, Drama, Fame 2022
The Runner
40m Music, Film, Horror, Boy Harsher 2022
35m Animation, Cartoon, Violence, David Lynch 2002
3m Comedy, Drama, Short Film 2022
Rear View
4m Short Film, Drama 2021
16m Short Film, Dark Humor, Betsey Brown 2021
The Butterfly
4m Comedy, Fantasy 2021
Fire Season
7m Short Film 2021
Plant Collector
5m Short Film 2021
12m Short Film, Comedy, Horror, Suspense, Drama 2021
Yeah, yeah
13m Short Film, Comedy, Drama, Music 2021
Pot au feu
10m Stoner, Short Film, Comedy, Robert Altman 1966
C’était un rendez-vous
8m Driving, Short Film 1976