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The Passion of the Christ
2h 7m Biography, Religious, Drama, Extreme Violence, Fantasy 2004
The Bad News Bears
1h 42m Comedy, Family, Filthy Language 1976
16m Short, Comedy, Drama, Ari Aster 2014
14m Dark Humor, Short, Comedy, Satire 2014
Der Fan
1h 34m Cult, Horror, Psychosexual, Drama, Superfan 1982
Peeping Tom
1h 41m Drama, Horror, Thriller 1960
1h 42m Thriller, Drama, Crime, Fairytale 1997
Harold Pinter: Art, Truth And Politics
46m Art, Truth, Poltics, Nobel Prize Speech 2006
1h 32m Dark Humor, Post Apocalyptic, British, Science Fiction, Comedy 2020
1h 46m Thriller, Sci-Fi, Rare, Cult 1966
The Koumiko Mystery
54m Documentary, Japan, Mystery, 1964 Olympics, Chris Marker 1964