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Mark Jenkin Short Film Collection

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Silent Landscape Dancing Grain: Mark Jenkin Film Collection

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For Cornish filmmaker Mark Jenkin, the camera is truly an extension of the eye. He frames the world around him, typically that of the dramatic coastline of West Penwith, in a 4:3 ratio, capturing the environment on a​ 1976 16mm clockwork Bolex​ camera, forever committing it to 100ft rolls of Kodak film, the very material of collective memories.

Lives are captured in landscapes, interwoven with stories of a disappearing Cornwall, where times are hard, but time itself is not a linear reality in Mark Jenkin’s world. Even his clockwork Bolex camera can only tell it 27 windup seconds at a time.

Many of these films have been made in accordance with the rules of the SLDG 13 Film Manifesto.

The complete manifesto can be viewed here:

Content included in this bundle

29 Hour Long Birthday
6m Experimental, Short Film, 16mm, Mark Jenkin, British Film 2020
David Bowie is Dead
17m Artist Moving Image 2018
Vertical Shapes in A Horizontal Landscape
5m Artists Film, Super 8, Road Movie, Short 2014
Cape Cornwall Calling / All The White Horses
6m Short, Cornwall, SLDG 13, Mark jenkin, 16mm 2013
Bronco's House
44m Cornish, Drama, 16mm, Handmade, Avant-Garde 2015